Analysis and design of networks

Having a model for simulation of a water distribution system enables us, by using this properly, to optimise the operation of the system. Each case is different, and the model must be implemented with the right software depending on the scope of the studies to be made.

At the ITA we have over twenty-five years' experience in this field, having analysed a large number of water distribution systems in towns and cities, irrigation networks and industrial installations, which enables us to give useful advice to companies, engineering firms, irrigation associations and public authorities about:

  • The design of supply and irrigation networks.
  • Designing models of water distribution networks.
  • Water audits in urban water networks.
  • Study of improvements to be implemented (new conduits, regulation, energy optimisation, etc.).
  • Drawing up management plans for water networks.
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 Las ventosas como sistema de protección en el arranque de bombas de pozo © 327KB
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 Hydraulic transients generated by bursts in a great length pipeline and study of its protection system using air valves and automatic valves © 326KB
 Using multivariate principal component analysis to detect anomalous behaviours in a water supply system (2003) © 207KB

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