Tests, type approvals and decisions

The growing complexity of systems and items used in water distribution systems has over the last few years gone along with an increase in the quality required of the materials used for these. ITA has the facilities and experience required for making certification tests of different hydraulic components.

Similarly, companies and authorities ask ITA staff to issue decisions and reports on many occasions.

  • Determining the performance of pumps, regulation valves, control items, flow meters and meters, either on site or in the laboratory.
  • Certifications on the conformity of valves, meters and different hydraulic components to the norms governing how these run.
  • Issuing technical decisions as regards incidents connected with pressure hydraulics and management and distribution of water (breakages in the conduits, faults in the measuring equipment, conflicts between supply companies and customers, etc.)
  • Preparation of technical reports on water installations, drainage, fire-extinguishing networks, etc.
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