Management of water services

The comprehensive management of water services proves to be an increasingly complex task. The number of actors involved is larger all the time and the traditional presence of administrations and suppliers is combined today with consumers and environmental policies. Apart from this, there is a growing tendency all over the world towards regulation of drinking water and drainage services by means of using management indicators.

The ITA has played a relevant role in the development of some of the most internationally prominent management tools for supplies, such as the IWA indicators or the ISO 24500 standards. It is precisely this experience which enables the work on advice and consultancy to supply companies, public authorities and regulatory bodies. Specifically:

  • Designing management indicator systems.
  • Support in metric benchmarking projects and process benchmarking.
  • Implementation of ISO 24510, 24511 and 24512 standards.
  • Advice to regulators in the design of performance evaluation systems.
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 Performance measurement systems based on IWA performance indicators. Balance Scorecards © 502KB

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 Tools for improving decision making in water meter Management (2009) © 1.14 MB
 El ordenamiento del ciclo de agua urbano. La necesidad de las Agencias Reguladoras © 629KB
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