Indoor installations

By preparing studies and projects, as well as through contact with a large number of professionals (designers, engineering firms, authorities, companies) we have acquired great experience in the analysis and design of water supply and drainage systems in all kinds of buildings (residential, industrial, schools, shops, etc..), including fire-extinguishing systems which use water as extinguishing agent.

We have appropriate software for both analysing and designing these systems, always taking into account the current legislation in each case (CTE, RIPI, RIPI for Industrial Buildings, etc).

This is why, apart from giving courses, we can also offer our experience in the field of fluid installations in building, for analysing and designing such installations as:

  • Water supply according to CTE-HS.
  • Water evacuation according to CTE-HS5.
  • Fire extinguishing (CTE-SI4, RIPI, RIPIEI).
  • Hydraulic systems in closed-circuit industrial installations (cooling, air-conditioning, etc).
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Fire protection legal standards
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