Hydraulic transients - Water Hammer

Designing and protecting hydraulic installations against the water hammer is of vital importance for guaranteeing their physical safety. No installation is free of this kind of phenomena, which appear when there are sudden or unexpected operations made to the regulation items or their pumps. An installation not protected against transients may undergo pressure oscillations of considerable size and breakages leading to large losses.

ITA experts have been working on real cases of water hammer for over thirty years. Along with the experience, a key factor in this type of studies, the ITA has its own software tools for studying transient phenomena. Its in-depth knowledge of simulation algorithms proves vital to be able to study all cases with guarantees of success. The ITA regularly does studies on:

  • Simple drive or adduction lines.
  • Meshed or branched networks.
  • Supply by means of tanks or pumping stations.
  • Operations on pumps and valves.
  • Breakage of pipelines.
  • Protection by means of reservoirs, air shafts, or single-directional tanks.
  • Intervention of vent valves in hydraulic transients.
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 Hydraulic transients generated by bursts in a great length pipeline and study of its protection system using air valves and automatic valves © 326KB
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