Efficient use of water

At present there is no question at all about the need to cut down the amount of water used daily in homes, shops and industries as far as possible. The most simple measures to ensure this involve the systematic installation of low consumption devices in sanitary fittings and other water-consuming apparatus. Nevertheless, and even on this first level, unsuitable planning of the actions may involve negative results in a dual sense: the absence of real savings in consumption and the final consumer's disappointment about this.

What is more, if these basic measures are combined with others of greater complexity (bonuses for replacement of household electrical appliances, reuse of grey waters or rain water) the proper structuring of all the measures considered is gaining relevance. The ITA has over the last few years been producing studies and projects in this field and gives advice, amongst others, on the following actions:

  • Design of efficiency programmes.
  • Characterisation of the demand for water of final users.
  • Determination of consumption patterns.
  • Testing of low-consumption devices.
  • Evaluation of savings potential through the implementation of low-consumption devices.
  • Economic valuation of efficiency programmes.
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