On-site training
Water meters

By installing and reading water meters in supplies one can find out the consumption of each user and invoice the volume of water used. These can without a doubt be said to be the essential instruments in the technical management of any water company.

With a view to maximising the income it proves vital to keep the meter system in the best possible condition, depending on the characteristics proper to each network, as well as properly selecting the most suitable type of device and how long this is to remain in service. This course stresses the technical characteristics of each type of meter and puts forward methods helping to manage the water meter system more efficiently.

It also looks at the study of other kinds of instruments - flow meters.

40 hours
Course contents
  • Basic concepts in Measuring and Instrumentation.
  • Basic concepts in flow measurement.
  • Measuring flows in closed conduits: flow meters.
  • Regulations on water meters.
  • Water meters: types and characteristics.
  • Remote reading of water meters.
  • Evaluation of the measuring error in the water meter system
  • Maintenance and renewal of the meter system.