On-site training
Plumbing, Fire-Extinguishing and Sanitation Installations

This course is intended to present installations for transporting and distributing water inside buildings, covering such a wide field as the installations for plumbing, fire-extinguishing and sanitation. Hence, this covers both the foundations for calculating these installations and the dimensioning, equipment used, assembly and the legislation currently existing in this field. The idea is to envisage all these installations jointly, through their common nexus in Fluid Mechanics, though not forgetting the particularities proper to each of these.

Apart from this, this course has a modular structure, so that its content can be given jointly or separately, depending on the needs. For this reason, and as an example, the present version "a" indicates the full subject matter; version "b" indicate the subject matter corresponding to plumbing and fire-extinguishing installations and version "c" the subject matter dealing only with plumbing installations.

40 hours
Course contents
  • Basic concepts.
  • Pressure drops.
  • EPumping equipment.
  • Regulation items.
  • Free surface flow.
  • Hydraulic calculation of plumbing installations.
  • Examples of the calculation of plumbing installations.
  • Examples of the calculation of sanitary hot water.
  • Materials in plumbing installations.
  • Commonest pathologies.
  • Installation recommendations.
  • Fire-prevention installations.
  • Systems for protection against fires.
  • Index of norms.
  • Installations for protection against fires.
  • Hydraulic characterisation of components.
  • Calculation of the reservoir tank for a pumping installation with a fire-protection system.
  • Installations of fire hydrants.
  • Sprinkler installations.
  • Sanitation installations.
  • Dimensioning of evacuation and ventilation networks.
  • Equipment and materials used in sanitation systems.
  • Installations and setting up equipment in sanitation systems.
  • Legislation and regulations in sanitation installations.