Operation and maintenance of systems

The proper operation of urban water distribution systems is a concern for three reasons: first of all it is needed so as to guarantee that the users get service quality standards proper to a modern country; secondly because only with proper operation can such a valuable resource as water be managed; finally because it considerably affects the power consumption of the systems.

Person responsible for this line: Enrique Cabrera Marcet

Nevertheless, if it is important to run a system well it is even more critical to maintain it properly. As a result of the considerable growth of many cities, a good deal of the pipes in the water distribution networks are insufficient and in many cases old. For this reason maintenance and renovation is not only an important matter – it is rather a vital question.

This line is currently expanding at the ITA. The constant increase in citizens’ standard of living (which forces standards to rise) and climate changes are additional reasons for rationalising as far as possible the use of the two most valuable natural resources – water and energy.