Efficient use of water

The ITA has for over ten years been working on the different hydraulic fields covered under the umbrella term of “efficient use of water” in urban supplies. Our work has, amongst others, involved participation in the most relevant international forums as well as applied field work.

Person responsible for this line: Ricardo Cobacho Jordán

Beyond the campaigns for final users’ awareness-raising and for installing low-consumption devices, there are a number of factors of great influence on the result (savings) which these can generate. ITA’s work has focussed on two basic points:

On one hand, the identification of final uses of the water. The development of an appropriate measuring technique enables quantifying each final use of water directly with a single meter at the entry to the house. This means one can rule out using independent meters in each final use or resorting to statistical-type simplifications.

The other side to this is the characterisation of efficiency measurements. This characterisation has been done not only by laboratory testing but also by pilot studies with devices installed on site.