Water meters

Proper management of the water meter systems proves vital for proper invoicing and minimising the volumes not registered. Water meters are also the sole source of information in everything to do with the water balance and the strategic action stemming from its study (control of losses, management of demand, fraud control). The ITA is part of the world avant-garde in studying meters and developing techniques for proper management of these.

ITA's lengthy experience in the field of water measurement and optimisation of the water meter system enables it to give water supply companies and public authorities advice in the following fields:

  • Analysis of the metrological capacity of meters in use.
  • Determination of the consumption pattern of users.
  • Procedures for analysis of meters in use.
  • Testing procedures for selection of models and reception of batches of new meters.
  • Design and construction of test benches for water meters.
  • Computer applications for the analysis of the meter system.
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 Tesis Doctoral - Francisco Arregui - Propuesta de una metodología para el analisis y gestión del parque de contadores © 2.65 MB

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