The IWa System of Performance Indicators For Water Supply Services
Alegre H., Melo Baptista J., Hirner W., Enrique Cabrera Rochera
Año de publicación
Water Management for the 21st Century - Learning from the 20th Century Experience
Lugar de celebración
Berlín, Alemania
Performance Indicators (PI) are a widely used tool in many sectors of industry, which have great potential for application in the water industry. The IWA system of performance indicators for water supply services provides guidelines for the establishment of a management tool for the water supply utilities based on the use of performance indicators. The IWA Manual of Best Practice "Performance Indicators for Water Supply Services", recently published, comprises the text and a CD-ROM with the software SIGMA Lite, which incorporates the performance indicators assessment system, and is the output of the first phase of the IWA PI project. The second phase comprises the field-testing of system, aiming for its validation and improvement. The objective of this paper is to describe the IWA approach to the problem, with emphasis to the achieved and target outputs.
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