Hydraulic transients

A proper design of a pressurised hydraulic installation entails simulating its operation both in steady state and in transient regime. The analysis in steady state enables obtaining the dimensions of the system. The analysis of the transient system is necessary in order to design the right protection systems to withstand the pressure oscillations arising through handling drive and regulation items.

Person responsible for this line: Vicent B. Espert Alemany

The transients work line at the ITA is one of the longest-standing fields, though that does not prevent it from being one of the most active at the present time. The development and perfection of new tools for the analysis of these phenomena and the use of these tools applied to real life form the core work on this matter at the present time. We should stress that although the mathematical equations which model the phenomena were established some years ago, and although no problems are involved in solving these, the modelling of the setting conditions of elements and real systems continues to be a challenge at the present time.

Today the work continues with the development of new capacities, some major ones being the operation in transient regime of mixed pressurised and free surface systems or the regulation of how turbine systems run at hydroelectric power stations