Hydraulic items

The operation of a water supply network is conditioned by the particularities of the different elements which form this, At the ITA laboratory there are all the resources required for hydraulically characterising valves, pipelines and diverse accessories, as well as for determining the metrological characteristics of flow meters and small and medium gauge meters.

Person responsible for this line: Francisco Arregui de la Cruz

The work done by the ITA in the domain of characterisation of hydraulic elements is mainly divided into two lines: a first approach, mainly focussing on laboratory determination of the operating characteristics of valves and other items used in water distribution networks, or for other fluids, such as pipelines, dispensers, vent valves, drains, etc. A second line of work concentrates on the study of the metrological capacities of flow meters and meters in different operating conditions. Special attention is given to the way metrology is affected by distortions in the profile of speeds produced upstream of the instruments and the influence that may be exerted by the installation conditions in the quality of the measurement.

As main results of these lines of research we should stress the two Doctoral Theses defended in 1999 and 2005 on water meters and the many publications at congresses in the sphere of management of the meter system. In 2006, ITA researchers published through the International Water Association (IWA) the book entitled Integrated Water Meter Management. Later on the ITA published the Spanish edition of the book - GestiĆ³n Integral de Contadores de Agua.