Discussion of "Transient Flow in a Rapidly Filling Horizontal Pipe Containing Trapped Air"
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Journal of Hydraulic Engineering
Volumen 128 Número 2
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The discussed paper has its origin in the analysis of an incident at Edmonton’s drainage system where the entire manhole at the Gallagher Hill Park was blown off as a consequence of an extreme storm. It presents an interesting and well documented case study on entrapped air behavior in pipeline systems. In the discussers’ opinion, the experimental study carried out is the main contribution of the paper, a study that is continued in the Technical Note Observations of air—Water interaction in a rapidly filling horizontal pipe included in the same issue. Entrapped air is a relevant topic poorly documented in the literature, and practical results are necessary to validate simplified analytical models. The discussers have paid attention in previous papers to this problem from both theoretical ~Izquierdo et al. 1999! and experimental ~Fuertes et al. 2000! approaches. The discussers would like to contribute some remarks regarding the analytical model used and the hypotheses made in the paper.