Private Water Storage Tanks: Evaluating their Inefficiencies
Publish year
Efficient 2007 - 4th IWA Specialist COnference on Efficient Use and Management
Place of celebration
Jeju Island (Corea del Sur)
Mayo de 2007
Private water storage tanks are often considered as very inefficient devices than can only be justified in systems that suffer frequent water service interruptions. This paper presents the results obtained after studying four different aspects of this question: the effect of this kind of tanks on water losses, unaccounted for water, time modulation curve and energy losses (other implications, such as those related to water quality deterioration, remain out of the scope of the study). Conclusions for each particular point will turn uneven, specially highlighting the effect on the meter global error and unregistered water. In any case, all four points, as well as several additional issues to be considered, are described and evaluated.
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