• Director of the Water Technology Institute
  • Industrial Engineer from Catalonia Polytechnic University from 1970
  • Degree in Physical Sciences from Valencia University from 1974
  • Doctor in Industrial Engineering from Valencia Polytechnic University from 1976
  • Professor in Fluid Mechanics at Valencia Polytechnic University from 1981
Enrique Cabrera has worked in the area of urban hydraulics for over thirty years now. He is the author of around two hundred articles published in national and foreign journals, books and conference (above all international ones) papers and he has edited twenty-one books (ten in English and eleven in Spanish). He has published around sixty opinion articles in the main newspapers, both national (El País, El Mundo and ABC) and regional (Levante and Provincias), most of these on water policy and the rest on university policy. On a more academic plane, he has directed twelve doctoral theses, his research work having been recognised with four six-year research periods. His main lines of research are pressure hydraulics (in his doctoral thesis he looked into the water hammer), urban hydraulics, management and efficient use of water and everything to do with its sustainable management.

He is a reviewer at the main journals connected with his areas of interest (including the Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management and the Journal of Hydraulic Engineering), an assessor and reviewer of research projects of the European Union (in the areas of Integrated urban water management and mitigation technologies and New approaches to water stress) and in the Water Resources programme of the National Agency for Evaluation and Prospects. He has promoted and coordinated over twenty international congresses and conferences, directed over thirty national and international research projects, and has handled over one hundred Research and Development contracts for the main companies and institutions connected with the world of water. From 1973 to 1979, Enrique was the municipal engineer of his native town, Villarreal (Castellón).