• ITA researcher
  • Doctor in Industrial Engineering
  • Master in Management and Efficient Use of Water
  • Vice-leader of the water meter working group of the International Water Association
  • Member of the Metrology Committee of AENOR CTN 82/SC2

Francisco Arregui is a Generalitat Valenciana researcher working for the Water Technology Institute. His professional and research career has covered the sphere of urban hydraulics, particular as regards the study and management of the meter system, the statistical analysis of the flows injected into a water distribution network and the testing of the different items which constitute a distribution system .

His doctoral thesis was on the technical management of the water meter system. and he is co-author of the book “Integrated Water Meter Management”, published by the International Water Association. He is currently doing advisory and consultancy work for companies mainly working in the management and analysis of water meter systems, design and handling of equipment for testing flow meters and meters and determining users’ water consumption patterns.